Why Should Startups Opt For App Development Services

  • Oct 14, 2020
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App development is the most profitable market as of today.

For every customer demand, there is an app, and that is what drives the innovation in this domain.

Mobile apps are becoming such a promising avenue for companies that startups are focussing all their attention on developing novel and customer-friendly apps.

With the current shift in the market from offline to online and from stores to a website, it is no wonder that app development has become a necessity than a luxury. Technological innovations are blazing fast internet speed, and the increasing storage ability of smartphones has just paved the way for app development services and companies offering similar operations.

Why should startups focus on app development services?

As per global statistics, every year, the smartphone market grows up 13%. Moreover, android dominates the smartphone market globally, with an 87.5% market share when compared to iOS. Currently, there are more than 2.8 million apps on Google Play Store, whereas Apple App Store has over 2.2 million apps on its platform.

As a startup, you run on limited resources and high market risk. And, app development offers an opportunistic way out. You obviously cannot afford building apps for both platforms. So, choosing one becomes a tedious task.

No matter the platform you choose, the app development market is not going to lose its popularity, at least in the coming years. Moreover, with the addition of features like augmented reality and virtual reality, IoT, and artificial intelligence features to app infrastructure, the market is booming with potential and innovative ideas. With an average user downloading more than 30 apps on their phones, the audience base for the mobile app development market does appreciate novel apps that solve their pain points.

As a startup, you must be eager to tap onto this ever-increasing user base nerve and try to make the most out of it. The users aren’t going anywhere. So, all you have to do is market them an app that they can’t refuse downloading, and you’ll receive success in your endeavors.

Still not sure why startups should opt for mobile app development services?

The following points will explain to you the perks.

Large audience reach:

Mobile app development is the nerve of all technological advancements in the world. It holds never-ending importance for customers. There is no way that apps will be rendered useless for generations to come, but maybe you can make a fortune out of it with your creative apps.

When we talk about the app development market, Android apps are preferred in areas like Asia, Africa, and Europe, whereas iOS holds a better scope in the US. So, if your app has the power to mold user experiences of any of the regions, opting for app development services might be a profitable option for you.

Moreover, you can even market your apps on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. With millions of users for each of the app databases, promoting your app on the said channel will not only get you high downloads but also open other avenues for you.

App development is an opportunistic market for startups:

Did you know that every day across the globe, millions of app downloads take place?

It shows the eagerness and the need for innovative apps in the market to make their lives more comfortable and easy.

So, you have an app idea that you think can ease the pain points of the consumers. Then you have a potential audience for your app. For a startup, with the right features in focus, and highly skilled resources in place, application development services can achieve the leverage in the competitive market. Since the entire globe is your audience, your app will receive a billion-number reception.

Lower investments mean more savings:

Mobile app development is not a cost-effective process, but it does offer a high return on investments. It means that the development costs incurred to access the SDK are not much, and a developer can use the development tools for free.

Moreover, there is a large pool of android developers that can do a great job in tight budgets as well. So, the only investment your startup needs is to bring in an experienced resource and marketing of the app. In return, the app does hold the potential to yield high profits. So, in the end, it’ll be all worth it.

App development is a productive exercise: 

For a developer, the only way you can nourish and enrich your experience is by coding multiple apps and practicing as much as you can. Startups can better their knowledge and expertise while saving time and efforts by referring to the code libraries and build something unique and out-of-the-box for their users. It will not only better your coding capabilities, but in the process, you will become the owner of a profitable and amazing app.

Plus, an app increases your chances of being known in the market and build a brand image, which is also a very pressing concern for startups.

Receive an edge against the competition:

Currently, there are millions of app development companies in the world.

But how many of them are well known in the market?

Not much!

And this is the sad reality of this app development domain. With several companies offering app development services, finding the right one for a customer becomes a tedious process.

So, what is the way out?

Coding a user-friendly and attention garnering app.

An app can become your way out of the app development services clutter and build your own name in the market, one that is well-known and heard by companies, investors, and users.

With the right features and a highly talented team, you can change the script of your startup. Of course, if you have your own name in the market, you don’t have to worry about the competition.


There are so many reasons why startups should focus on app development services, and all of them begin with how profitable the avenue is for a company that is just launched in the market. As a startup, you need to focus on efforts and opportunities that maintain a steady balance between income and investment. Because, that will define your success in the market.