Advanced Smil Animations

Example of Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language charts.

Simple line chart

Example of Simple line chart.

Line Scatter Diagram

Example of scatter chart.

Line chart with tooltips

Example of line chart having tooltip.

Line chart with area

Example of area line chart.

Bi-polar Line chart with area only

Example of bi polar area chart.

SVG Path Animation

Example of chart svg animations.

Line Interpolation / Smoothing

Example of line intersaction, interpolation and smoothing.

Different configuration for different series

Example of multiple series.

SVG Animations Chart

Example of svg animation path.

Bi-polar Bar Chart

Example of bi polar bar chart with positive or negative values.

Overlapping Bars on Mobile

Example of bar chart that overlap on resposive devices gives better clarity.

Multi-line labels

Example of multiples lines chart.

Stacked bar chart

Example of stacked bar chart.

Horizontal bar chart

Example of Horizontal bar chart.

Extreme responsive configuration

Example of responsive config chart.

Distributed Series

Example of distributed series chart.

Label Placement

Example of Label placement chart.

Animating a Donut with Svg.animate

Example of animating donut chart with ease.

Simple pie chart

Example of simple pie chart.

Pie chart with custom labels

Example of pie chart with styled labels.

Gauge chart

Example of gauge chart.