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Feature Image of Marvel Angular 15 Admin Dashboard and Panel Template Template


Marvel Angular 15 Admin Dashboard Template is a responsive and modern admin dashboard panel built using Angular 15, Bootstrap, SCSS, and Typescript.

Marvel Angular 15 Admin Dashboard Template comes with 8+ dashboard designs including horizontal, vertical, and boxed layouts, applications UI's, authentication web designs, and Utilities that help you create faster & beautiful applications.

Marvel Angular 15 Admin Dashboard Template provides the feasibility to create all kinds of cross-platform Applications and Web application backends. It's the best admin dashboard panel ideal for custom admin panels, super admin dashboards, angular dashboard panels, eCommerce admin panels, angular admin dashboards, CRM admin dashboards, angular analytics admin panels, angular real-time admin dashboards, angular invoice admin dashboards, administration panels, expense management admin dashboards, angular flat dashboard or panel design template, account management dashboards ERP, and SaaS admin dashboards.

Marvel Angular 15 Admin Dashboard Template also includes authentication pages, applications UI like task UI, projects UI, chat UI, mailbox, invoices, eCommerce pages, etc. It has clean, flat, and well-structured code that allows easy customization, installation, and setup and helps to create a modern web application with great speed. All the template features give an end to end front solutions like form submission data. This template is the solution for any web application.

Marvel Angular 15 Admin Dashboard Template is a completely responsive admin panel that works across all modern browsers and mobile devices. Download this admin template and reduces your development efforts & time. You will get the best quality code, one-year free-cost premium support, and unlimited updates once you purchase or buy the template.

This template also comes with a bootstrap version with the name Marvel Bootstrap Admin Panel and Dashboard Template.


  • 120+ Pages
  • 350+ Components
  • End 2 End Front End Solution
  • Create, Manage, Delete Project's UI
  • Create, Manage, Delete Task's UI
  • Add, delete, list, filter, Ecommerce UI
  • Add, Delete, Submit Invoice UI's
  • Form validation and UI submission
  • Dark and Light sidebar themes
  • Horizontal and Vertical Demo
  • Condensed and Fixed with sidebar
  • Easy to Customize components
  • Invoices, Kanban Board and Email UI
  • Form, Tables and Charts
  • Sortable tables
  • Advanced UI like tours, drag, and drop, range slider, rating, alertify, etc.

7 ready to use dashboard variations

Image Preview of Multipurpose Dashboard Product
Multipurpose Dashboard
Image Preview of E-Commerce Dashboard Product
E-Commerce Dashboard
Image Preview of Server Statistics Dashboard Product
Server Statistics Dashboard
Image Preview of Compact Sidebar Product
Compact Sidebar
Image Preview of Dark Sidebar Product
Dark Sidebar
Image Preview of Horizontal Layout Product
Horizontal Layout
Image Preview of Box Layout Product
Box Layout

Chat and Calendar UI's included in the package

Image Preview of Chat Product
Image Preview of Calendar Product

Contacts UI

Image Preview of Add Member Product
Add Member
Image Preview of Member List Product
Member List
Image Preview of Member Grid Product
Member Grid
Image Preview of Member Profile Product
Member Profile

Ecommerce UI

Image Preview of Add Product Product
Add Product
Image Preview of Product List Product
Product List
Image Preview of Product Detail Product
Product Detail
Image Preview of Order List Product
Order List
Image Preview of Customer List Product
Customer List
Image Preview of Cart Product
Image Preview of Checkout Product

Mail UI

Image Preview of Inbox Product

Invoice UI

Image Preview of Create Invoice Product
Create Invoice
Image Preview of Invoice List Product
Invoice List
Image Preview of Invoice Grid Product
Invoice Grid
Image Preview of Invoice Detail Product
Invoice Detail

Project UI

Image Preview of Create Project Product
Create Project
Image Preview of Project List Product
Project List
Image Preview of Project Grid Product
Project Grid
Image Preview of Project Detail Product
Project Detail

Task UI

Image Preview of Create Task Product
Create Task
Image Preview of Task List Product
Task List
Image Preview of Task Overview Product
Task Overview
Image Preview of Kanban Board Product
Kanban Board


I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding product. Thank you so much!


Great template, lots of features, Easy to customize

Created: Mar,22 2021
Updated: Sep,07 2023
Well Documented
1 Year Support
Lifetime Updated
  • Upgraded to Bootstrap 5.2 and NG Bootstrap 14
  • Angular 15
  • Bug Fixes
  • UI Changes
  • Upgraded to Bootstrap 5 and NG Bootstrap 12
  • Angular 13
  • Bug Fixes
  • UI Changes
  • Removed Hopscoptch Tour and Added Guilded Tour


Page Templates


Angular Components

Extra UI

Invoices, Ecommerce


Tasks and Projects


Gallery, Timeline etc.


Complete Validation and Data Submission


Lifetime Updates

1 Year

Dedicated Support

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