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Buy Consult React NextJS Consultancy and Agency Landing Pages Website & Template at $6
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Consult React NextJS Consultancy and Agency Landing Pages

Consult is a creative and responsive consultancy & digital agency next js website template ideal for agency's websites, consultancies websites, IT services & marketing websites.

Buy ORYO Next JS App Landing Pages and SaaS Landing Pages Website & Template at $8

    ORYO Next JS App Landing Pages and SaaS Landing Pages

    ORYO is a unique, clean, and modern React Next JS app landing pages and website templates ideal for app landing, SaaS websites, startups, modern app templates, app websites etc.

    Buy Rekto React NextJS Agency Landing Pages Website & Template at $6
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    Rekto React NextJS Agency Landing Pages

    Rekto is a modern, creative, and clean agency landing page template built using React. It's ideal for web development, digital agencies, IT services, and single-page websites.

    Buy Proctu Medical React Admin Template Website & Template at $12
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    Proctu Medical React Admin Template

    Proctu is a React framework-based admin panel template ideal for patient dashboard design templates, hospital dashboard design templates, and medical admin panel dashboards.

    Buy MONO CV or Resume or Portfolio React Next JS Website Templates Website & Template at $12
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    MONO CV or Resume or Portfolio React Next JS Website Templates

    Mono is a multipurpose, clean, flexible, & customizable personal portfolio nextjs template. It's ideal for portfolio websites, resume websites, next js websites, and portfolio designs.

    Buy KIOSK NextJS Portfolio Templates Website & Template at $12
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    KIOSK NextJS Portfolio Templates

    KIOSK is a creative portfolio template built using NextJS. It's ideal for web developer nextjs portfolio websites, react SaaS websites, nextjs websites, and nextjs personal portfolios.

    Buy PESO React Payment App NextJS Landing Page Templates Website & Template at $6
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    PESO React Payment App NextJS Landing Page Templates

    Using NextJS, the PESO responsive payment landing page template was created. It's perfect for blockchain, digital currency, payment gateway websites, and currency exchange websites.

    What is a React Template?

    React is a javascript library used to create interactive user interfaces specifically for single-page applications. It works on state means data. React update or render the UI when your state changes.

    React is a component-based library where each component has its state. Since the component logic is written in JavaScript rather than a template, you can easily pass a wealth of data through your app and exclude states from the DOM.

    The templates built using React and typescript or javascript are known as React templates. With the help of react templates, you can create a seamless and stunning website or web apps. We use React-Redux and React Toolkit to manage the global state of the application. These are the popular libraries that work well and have support with React.

    Ours React templates including React admin dashboards, React themes, NextJS websites, NextJS templates, and React websites are flexible, customizable, and responsive with great user interfaces and out-of-box design. Our template is purely on typescript, with no jquery used. We provide full feature functionality or working functionality from the client end. With pre-added authentication and authorization pages, you can quickly start your project without wasting time. React templates help the developer to build fast web applications in lesser time. It reduces the company cost and development time.

    Benefits of the React Template

    Follow Best Practices

    Our templates follow best code practices and structures that make our templates more premium and faster.

    Component-Based Structure

    As React is a component-based library we follow this approach. Our react admin templates are divided into multiple components to make the application more customized and easy to understand code.

    Key Features of the React Templates Listed on the Lettstart Design

    • Easy customization and ready to use
    • Mobile, Desktop, and Tablet compatible designs
    • Integration of the third party application
    • Client-side validations of forms
    • 1-year premium support
    • Detailed documentation with each premium template download
    • Built-in latest bootstrap technology
    • All browser compatible
    • Option to choose a wide range of layouts
    • Free Lifetime update

    How Can I Download React Templates?

    Lettstart Design gives numerous React websites & templates that are ready-to-use templates that include superior features. All the templates are premium. You can purchase them from our website and add them to your server to make the web website online active. Below mentioned are some best premium react templates:

    Proctu React Admin: This template is built with React, Redux Toolkit, and React Bootstrap 5. It provides a user with many possibilities for creating and customizing web applications. It has responsive designs and compatible cross-browsers. Some prominent features include dashboards, chats, calendar, various widgets, apps, components, advanced UI, tables, charts, sidebar layouts, etc.

    Kiosk React Nextjs Landing Pages: Kiosk is multipurpose portfolio website templates and landing pages built using React and NextJS. It is a multi-purpose website template specially designed for app, portfolios, charity, consultancy, agencies, SaaS, etc. It comes with other supportive pages that help to create a complete website.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We offers landing pages built with React, Next JS, and Bootstrap. You'll get the many variations of homepages, blog pages, and other supportive pages like login, register, and contact us.

    After a successful purchase of React source files and documentation files. Follow the document guidelines to install the templates locally.

    React is a component-based library used to create single-page applications. By adding other libraries we can use React as a framework.

    Easy to understand, Command-line interface, Inbuilt routing library, SEO support, Great application performance, Lazy load of modules, etc.