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Feature Image of ORYO Angular 17 App Landing Pages and Website Templates Template


Explore ORYO, the ultimate Angular 17 app landing pages and portfolio website templates. Create amazing, SEO-ready, and mobile-friendly websites with ease. Perfect for startups, freelancers, and agencies.

These days, having a sizable internet presence is required. Whether you are a well-established digital company, a freelancing business, or a small startup, presenting your services and products efficiently can have a big impact. Our ORYO Angular 17 portfolio website templates and app landing pages are the best option for your web development requirements.

ORYO is a set of high-quality Angular 17 website templates perfect for app landing pages, portfolio websites, startups, freelancers, professionals, promotional websites, PPC landing pages, campaign websites, Portfolio Website Templates, Angular 17 App Landing Pages, Angular 17 Portfolio Templates, Angular 17 Website Templates, Multipurpose Angular 17 Landing Pages, Angular 17 with SSR support Templates, Angular 17 Portfolio Landing Pages, Single Product Landing Pages, Multi-product Landing Pages, Personal Portfolios, Agency Portfolios, and Photography Portfolios.

ORYO Angular 17 templates come with 6+ landing pages, authentication UI, a working contact form, and other supportive pages. All the pages are purely in Typescript code. This Angular 17 website template allows you to create a single-page website with front-end validated code and helps you to create app landing pages or websites in less than 5 minutes.

Importance of App Landing Pages and Portfolio Websites

Presenting products, services, portfolios, and professional skills, all depend on app landing pages and portfolio website themes. They act as initial impressions for potential customers or users, so having an attractive, modern, and user-friendly interface that draws attention and encourages interaction is necessary.

Features of ORYO Angular 17 Website Templates

Cutting-edge Design

ORYO website templates retain modern and sleek designs that are perfect for creating a strong visual impact. The designs are ready-made to highlight your content effectively, ensuring that your audience's attention is drawn to the most important aspects of your site.

Responsive Layouts

Nowadays, Having a responsive design is crucial because people visit websites using various devices. ORYO website templates are fully responsive and adaptive, ensuring that your site looks great and functions flawlessly across all small and big devices.

Customizability and Flexibility

One of the standout features of the ORYO website theme is its high degree of customizability. Whether you need to tweak colors, fonts, layouts, customize the component, or add new components, these templates provide the flexibility to tailor your site to meet your specific requirements.

Performance Optimization

Performance is an essential part of any website. Poor performance can lead to a reduction in the potential customers and impact your website ranking. ORYO website themes are speed-optimized, so you can be sure that your website loads and functions smoothly, which can significantly enhance the user experience and improve your search engine rankings.

SEO Friendly and SSR Ready

SEO is important to get visible in search engines. Good search engine ranking increases the number of users on the website. In Angular, making an SEO-friendly website takes effort and time. ORYO website templates come with SSR ready, and SEO-friendly structures, ensuring that your site is easily crawled and indexed by search engines. This can lead to better rankings and increased organic traffic.


ORYO Angular 17 templates offer a powerful solution for anyone looking to create amazing app landing pages and portfolio websites. Their modern design, responsive layout, easy-to-customize code, and SEO-friendly website make them a top choice for developers and designers. By using these templates, you can create a website that not only looks great but also delivers an exceptional user experience, ultimately driving engagement and success.

What makes ORYO Angular 17 website templates unique?

ORYO website templates are unique due to their modern design, high customizability, SSR integration, and performance optimization, ensuring a great user experience and an easy development process.

Can I use ORYO landing pages for other types of websites?

While they are optimized for app landing pages and portfolios, ORYO website templates are flexible enough to be adapted for various other website types with some customization.

Do I need advanced coding skills to use ORYO landing pages?

No, ORYO landing pages are designed to be user-friendly. Basic knowledge of Angular, HTML, SCSS, and web development is sufficient to get started and customize the templates.

Are ORYO templates SEO-friendly?

Yes, ORYO templates come with SEO-friendly structures and SSR-ready templates, making it easier for your site to be indexed and ranked by search engines.

Is support available if I encounter issues with the templates?

Yes, ORYO provides comprehensive documentation and support to help you resolve any issues and make the most of the templates.

This template also comes with a NextJS version with the name ORYO NextJS App Landing Pages & SaaS Website Templates.


  • 6+ Home Header Variants
  • 6+ Combination of Blog and Detail Pages
  • 4+ Authentication Pages
  • Working Contact form integrated with PHP
  • No jQuery Used
  • Built on Angular 17 using Angular CLI
  • All form validation
  • Fully Mobile Responsive
  • 1 Year premium support
  • Detailed Documentation


Image Preview of Index Product
Image Preview of Index 2 Product
Index 2
Image Preview of Index 3 Product
Index 3
Image Preview of Index 4 Product
Index 4
Image Preview of Index 5 Product
Index 5
Image Preview of Index 6 Product
Index 6

Blog Pages

Image Preview of Blogs Product
Image Preview of Blogs Right Sidebar Product
Blogs Right Sidebar
Image Preview of Blogs Left Sidebar Product
Blogs Left Sidebar
Image Preview of Blog Post Product
Blog Post
Image Preview of Blog Post Right Sidebar Product
Blog Post Right Sidebar
Image Preview of Blog Post Left Sidebar Product
Blog Post Left Sidebar

Authentication UI

Image Preview of Login User Product
Login User
Image Preview of Register User Product
Register User
Image Preview of Forgot Password Product
Forgot Password
Image Preview of Confirmation Product


Theme has really helped our business. Really happy with code quality and design.

Created: Jan,01 2021
Updated: May,20 2024
Well Documented
1 Year Support
Lifetime Updated
  • Upgraded to Bootstrap 5.3 and NG Bootstrap 16
  • Angular 17
  • Bug Fixes
  • UI Changes
  • Upgraded to Bootstrap 5 and NG Bootstrap 12
  • Angular 13
  • Bug Fixes
  • UI Changes




Blog Pages


Working contact form


No jQuery Used

Tech Used

Angular 9, SaSS & Bootstrap


Complete Validation and Data Submission


Lifetime Updates

1 Year

Dedicated Support

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