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Feature Image of Marvel Bootstrap Admin Panel and Dashboard Template Template


Marvel Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template by Lettstart Design offers a powerful toolkit for developers to create stunning, featured-rich admin panels and dashboards with ease. We'll examine the features, functionality, design components, and possible applications of the Marvel HTML5 template in this overview. Marvel comes with Dark and Light layout support for day and night users along with dark sidebar, horizontal layout, box layout, and compact sidebar.

Introduction to Marvel Bootstrap Admin Panel and Dashboard Template

By Lettstart Design presents Marvel, an all-encompassing Bootstrap Admin Panel and Dashboard Template designed to build professional-grade admin interfaces and panels. Marvel is built on the robust CSS Bootstrap framework, ensuring responsiveness and compatibility across devices of all sizes. It boasts a plethora of pre-designed components, widgets, and layouts that empower developers to craft visually captivating and highly functional dashboards in less/no time. It's can be used for custom dashboard panels, bootstrap 5 admin dashboards, eCommerce admin panels, analytics admin panels, real-time admin dashboards, invoice admin dashboards, customer management bootstrap 5 dashboards, expense management admin dashboards, CRM dashboard panels, notion panel dashboards, account management dashboards, and SaaS admin dashboards.

Functionalities and Features Offered by Marvel Admin Dashboard and Panel

Responsive Design: Marvel has composed to offer seamless user experiences across different devices. Its responsive design assures that the admin dashboard looks excellent on desktops, tablets, and smartphones and performs perfectly regardless of the screen size.

Customizable Themes: Using Marvel, customization has no boundaries. It offers a wide range of components, color schemes, and layouts that allow users to convert the appearance of the Marvel admin panel according to their brand identity or project/business requirements.

Ready-to-Use Components: Marvel comes with a rich assortment of Ready-made UI components including buttons, forms, tables, charts, and many more. These ready-to-use components significantly accelerate the development process and enable developers to focus on functionality rather than spending time on design minutiae.

Data Visualization: Data visualization is a crucial part of any admin dashboard. Marvel incorporated charting libraries like Chart.JS, Apex Charts, C3, Chartist, Morris, and many more. Marvel offers the resources required to portray data understandably and compellingly, whether it be through line, bar, pie, or more intricate data visualizations.

Authentication and Authorization: Security is paramount in any admin panel and dashboard. Marvel offers robust authentication and authorization UI design that helps developers implement user authentication, role-based access control, and other security features to safeguard their applications.

Extensive Documentation: Marvel comes with extensive documentation that walks customers through the entire template experience, from deployment to installation and customization. The documentation ensures that users can leverage the full potential of Marvel without any hassle.

Design Elements Offered By Marvel Admin Panel and Dashboard Template

Clean and Intuitive Interface: Marvel has an easy-to-use UI that puts accessibility and usability first. The layout is thoughtfully designed to facilitate navigation and streamline workflows, ensuring a perfect user experience.

Modern Aesthetics: Marvel's design elements are definitely cutting-edge and eye-catching. Every component, from the elegant font to the sharp iconography, is painstakingly created to radiate refinement and elegance.

Consistent UI Elements: A unified user experience depends on consistency, and Marvel strictly follows this rule. UI elements such as buttons, forms, and navigation menus maintain a consistent design language throughout the template, fostering familiarity and usability.

Applications Where Marvel Admin Template Play Role

Web Applications: Marvel is a perfect choice for developing web-based applications that range from content management systems and e-commerce platforms to data analytics dashboards and project management tools. Its versatility and flexibility make it suitable for a wide array of use cases.

SaaS Platforms: For software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers, Marvel offers a solid foundation for building admin panels and dashboards that are not only visually appealing but also highly functional. Marvel enables SaaS companies to deliver an exceptional user experience to their customers.

Enterprise Solutions:Marvel can be used by businesses looking to optimize their internal procedures and processes to create bespoke admin panels that meet their unique requirements. Marvel gives you the tools that help you to increase productivity and efficiency, whether you're managing personnel data, monitoring analytics, or managing projects.


Marvel Bootstrap Admin Panel and Dashboard Template by Lettstart Design is a versatile and powerful toolkit for creating dynamic and featured-rich admin interfaces and dashboards. With its extensive buffet of features, customizable themes, and modern design elements, Marvel empowers developers and designers to build exceptional admin panels and dashboards that meet the highest standards of quality and usability. Whether you're building web applications, SaaS platforms, or enterprise solutions, Marvel provides the tools necessary to bring your vision to life.

This template also comes with an Angular bootstrap version with the name Marvel Angular 13 Admin Dashboard Template.


  • 135+ Pages
  • 350+ Components
  • End 2 End Front End Solution
  • Create, Manage, Delete Project's UI
  • Create, Manage, Delete Task's UI
  • Add, delete, list, filter, Ecommerce UI
  • Add, Delete, Submit Invoice UI's
  • Form validation and UI submission
  • Dark and Light sidebar themes
  • Horizontal and Vertical Demo
  • Condensed and Fixed with sidebar
  • Easy to Customize components
  • Invoices and Email UI
  • Form, Tables and Charts
  • Data Tables
  • Advanced UI like tours, drag and drop, range slider, rating, alertify etc.

Dark Layout Navigation

Image Preview of Dark Theme Img Product
Dark Theme Img

8 ready to use dashboard variations

Image Preview of Index 1 Product
Index 1
Image Preview of Index 2 Product
Index 2
Image Preview of Index 3 Product
Index 3
Image Preview of Mini Sidebar Product
Mini Sidebar
Image Preview of Compact Sidebar Product
Compact Sidebar
Image Preview of Dark Sidebar Product
Dark Sidebar
Image Preview of Horizontal Layout Product
Horizontal Layout
Image Preview of Box Layout Product
Box Layout

Chat and Calendar UI's included in the package

Image Preview of Chat Product
Image Preview of Calendar Product

Contacts UI

Image Preview of Add Member Product
Add Member
Image Preview of Member List Product
Member List
Image Preview of Member Grid Product
Member Grid
Image Preview of Member Profile Product
Member Profile

Ecommerce UI

Image Preview of Add Product Product
Add Product
Image Preview of Product List Product
Product List
Image Preview of Product Detail Product
Product Detail
Image Preview of Order List Product
Order List
Image Preview of Customer List Product
Customer List
Image Preview of Cart Product
Image Preview of Checkout Product

Mail UI

Image Preview of Inbox Product
Image Preview of Compose Mail Product
Compose Mail
Image Preview of Read Mail Product
Read Mail

Invoice UI

Image Preview of Create Invoice Product
Create Invoice
Image Preview of Invoice List Product
Invoice List
Image Preview of Invoice Grid Product
Invoice Grid
Image Preview of Invoice Detail Product
Invoice Detail

Project UI

Image Preview of Create Project Product
Create Project
Image Preview of Project List Product
Project List
Image Preview of Project Grid Product
Project Grid
Image Preview of Project Detail Product
Project Detail

Task UI

Image Preview of Create Task Product
Create Task
Image Preview of Task List Product
Task List
Image Preview of Task Overview Product
Task Overview
Image Preview of Kanban Board Product
Kanban Board

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Updated: May,19 2024
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  • Remove library which doesn't support Bootstrap 5
  • Updated to Bootstrap 5.3


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Tasks and Projects


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